Rays of sunshine

In late fall I wrote briefly about The Beauty and the Parthenocarpy; well, the beast has been defeated and the beauty is all mine now. Rays of sunshine breaking through!

Acer triflorum seedling

Acer triflorum seedling

Acer triflorum - fall colour

Acer triflorum – fall colour

Soon, my germination stand will have to start providing rays of sunshine for more seedlings, like these prematurely born Syneilesis aconitifolia:

Syneilesis aconitifolia seedlings

Syneilesis aconitifolia: almost 1 week old seedlings, extremely cute!

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Thank you (but they are not that great,I cannot find a good position for taking seedlings shots). Probably they’ll end up at the
      ORGS spring sale :), I just wanted to test the germination.

  1. Amy Olmsted
    Amy Olmsted says:

    Hi Gabi! I just opened this post and I’m so excited to see the seedlings! I checked through all my Syneilesis seeds and every one of them was a dud!! Do you happen to have any left? I would so love to get some going! Thanks!!

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Sorry Amy, a bit too late. I had very few good seeds; not really worth the uploading of the file on the shop for them, or the work to sort them out.

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