April’s end

With the month of April drawing to an end so does the flowering of Hepatica americana in our region.

I cannot really jump into May without posting a few images of these past weeks scouting; most notably a small leaf form, a specimen with deep blue flowers and another one with almost purple flowers.

Hepatica americana - small leaf form

Hepatica americana – small leaf form; there were few young seedlings with light blue flowers in the same area


Hepatica americana - deep blue

Hepatica americana – deep blue flowers


Hepatica americana- purple flowers

Hepatica americana- purple flowers with a bit of extra sepals; my favourite;
the picture doesn’t show it in its full beauty.

A good end :)

H. americana

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  1. willisjw
    willisjw says:

    I hope you’ve marked the deep blue one. I would like to be in line for seeds from that one. And the one with extra sepals. When will you make the ephemeral seeds available? — jw

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      I marked them all of course :) and today I went to bagged the stems, otherwise it’s impossible to catch them at the right time.
      Probably somewhere in June; pre-orders are filled first.

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