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Arisaema triphyllum seedlings

Arisaema triphyllum seedlings

My morning routine of checking the germinatrix revealed that all Arisaema seedlings (triphyllum, flavum and consanguineum) will be 1 month-old tomorrow (counting since sowing). Time goes by so fast!

I said it before but better to repeat – start Arisaema as early as you can, water plenty and they will have an extended season of growth (i.e. bigger tubers). This way, they can start flowering in the third year.

Note: all species mentioned are fast, warm germinators.

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      If I managed to convert one person to growing Arisaema from seeds then I’m happy! Most, with few exceptions are very easy and if you sow 2-3 years in a row then
      the wait won’t seem so long until the first flowers. Think about a full, nice container of Arisaema candidissimum :)

  1. Amy Olmsted
    Amy Olmsted says:

    I have sown so many different Arisaema over the years and they are so easy! This time of the year is so exciting, I never seem to lose that sense of discovery and adventure when sowing something new to me.

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Yes, nothing equals the exciting of seeing new seedlings showing up!
      It is worth mentioning for others more unexperienced that there are few ‘not that easy’ Arisaema sp., but surely one can start with the easy ones :)

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