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Friday’s Seeds – Boraginaceae

I only have a small collection of genera/species from the  Boraginaceae family. I must work better at this family, that’s for sure. Here they are for now: Onosma, Omphalodes, Pulmonaria and something a bit more rare, Craniospermum. And because species placed formerly in Hydrophyllaceae are now included in Boraginaceae, there is also Hydrophyllum. For names, […]

Growing Podophyllum from seeds, including Dysosma and Sinopodophyllum

While in the Berberidaceae realm, here’s a post where I outlined as best as possible, the process of growing Podophyllums from seeds from A to Z. The Chinese Podophyllums (syn. Dysosma), share similar seeds and germination requirements as our native Podophyllum peltatum (mayapple). In all cases, the seeds are enclosed inside fleshy fruits. After the […]

Friday’s seeds – Berberidaceae

This Friday I indulge in one of my favourite plant families; say it out loud – Berberidaceae! It is a large family and here I emphasize of course, the ornamental side of it. Many known and beloved garden perennials (usually for the woodland gardens) belong to this family: Epimediums, Vancouveria, Achlys, Podophyllums, Jeffersonia, Ranzania, Diphylleia […]

More new seeds

A short note again about the last seeds added to the shop, about a Lilium and thanks for sharing The most recent Lilium species added to the shop doesn’t have a name, yet. The seeds were collected in the Durmitor Mts. of Montenegro, and it is offered for now as Lilium ssp. B17Durm. The collector […]