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Shop announcement

I apologize in advance but due to a family emergency, all orders placed on/and after Dec. 1 will be shipped after Dec.18th Orders can be placed for in stock items, but keep in mind that shipping will resume only after Dec. 18th! *The Canada 150 Celebration Sale will be extended to the month of January. […]

Friday’s Seeds – more Caryophyllaceae

A few images recently added to the Caryophyllaceae page on the Seeds Library – all species collected this summer in the Carpathian Mts. and Dobrogea region, Romania. In general, species from Caryophyllaceae family are easy to grow from seeds and some (for example,  think Dianthus, Silene) may even flower in the first year. Pictures with […]

November Newsletter

Well, nothing significantly new happened that hasn’t already been posted in the blog. Besides the seeds, this is a busy time with garden winter preparations and tucking in the young plants for their winter sleep; about this a special post later. Seeds wise There are still a few species waiting to be assessed (GA3, embryo […]

Friday’s Seed – Halloween edition

Anthirrhinum braun-blanquetii The hardy snapdragon is a super easy plant to do from seeds: warm germinator and easy going seedlings. Started early it will flower in the first year, all summer long and late into fall (including right now). Maybe I should pack some capsules and hand them out instead of candy? :) :)   […]

Thursday Seedex with Asteraceae

I’m late with preparing the seedex donations; just sent a small one to the SCRG and since the local mail doesn’t take long, I’ll pack a few more for ORG & HP Society this weekend. It’s not easy to decide what to give; I always start to think what would be more attractive from what […]