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Hurry up!

As it happens, I got to greet the New Year by counting seeds to prepare an order; maybe it’s a good omen :) After Christmas I noticed the first sprouts on Helleborus caucasicus. They already got a bit more advanced, so this is the last call, in case someone wants to give them a try. […]

Happy New Year!

As the saying goes, gardeners are optimistic people by nature – they always look forward to better weather in the next year, better growth & flowering, better germination… I know no other better way to spend the time separating the old from the New Year than sowing and tending to the seedlings (the ones I […]

All Violas in one place

To finalize the query about the new Viola I was talking last week, pictures of seeds were taken (more detailed than usual): size, surface, colour, aril size and aspect are all useful characters for identification. Unfortunately, not having a term of comparison the identity is still uncertain. So, until I grow a few plants it […]

Back to normal and a Viola

The Seeds Shop activity is back to normal; special thanks to those who placed orders and waited patiently! About the Viola Last day in the Carpathian Mts. this summer was dedicated to revisiting a special place, no seeds collecting in mind, just pure enjoyment of the scenery. Going up a narrow rock ravine to join […]

Friday’s Seeds – more Caryophyllaceae

A few images recently added to the Caryophyllaceae page on the Seeds Library – all species collected this summer in the Carpathian Mts. and Dobrogea region, Romania. In general, species from Caryophyllaceae family are easy to grow from seeds and some (for example,  think Dianthus, Silene) may even flower in the first year. Pictures with […]