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Refreshing – Aconitum ‘Ivorine’

White on blue is a refreshing combo. Yesterday, amidst the heat wave I took few pictures of Aconitum ‘Ivorine’ just starting flowering. Pure white, tinged with green flowers on sturdy stems make this Aconitum very appealing.  The bluish background provided by Juniperus ‘Wichita’ is pure serendipity – most of my plants were planted where I […]

Tricotyledony in Swertia perennis

The spontaneous formation of more than the usual number of cotyledons within a species has been referred as pleiocotyly or polycotyly. I’m sure for many this already comes with the exclamation – boring!!! But, this is not a common event and I didn’t find any source reporting it for Gentianaceae so, here it is, my […]

Exception – Sedum atratum

Growing annual plants is very satisfying – they germinate, grow, flower and set seeds in one season; some will also self-seed themselves for the next year; nothing to worry about throughout the winter…I can understand the attraction. But I still like to grow perennials ;)) Sometimes I make exceptions – and Sedum atratum is one […]

Change the label for Mimulus!

Everyone who bought Mimulus – given as alsinoides in the shop – it flowered in my garden and it seems to be M. guttatus – my apologies. I hope no one gets upset; after all, guttatus has these large, bright yellow flowers, and it’s a short form! When collecting seeds from a new region for […]

A late arrival – Lindera benzoin seedlings

I’ve been watching out for Lindera germination on a regular base and had started to think about what could have been wrong: I collected the seeds myself, cleaned the pulp by hand (the seed coat is very thin), kept them moist and warm in late fall and then provided winter cold outside. It seems nothing […]

Breaking the tradition – Medeola virginiana germination

More updates on germination requirements It seems that Medeola virginiana seeds don’t follow the traditional double morphophysiological dormancy (MPD). Unlike most species with this type of dormancy, which require a cold-warm-cold cycle to germinate and produce roots in the warm period (2 years seeds), M. virginiana seeds do not form a root during this time; […]