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The Great Race

It is January 31 and the celebrations of the Lunar New Year have begun! You don’t have to be an astrology aficionado to know that 2014 is considered the Year of the Horse (the 12 animals and their order in the zodiac calendar were chosen according with a widespread legend, after participating in a great […]

Fuchsia – people, plants & colours

For Gill, who likes plant stories When someone says Fuchsia, a vivid splash of red and purple usually flashes through your mind. Too bad that I cannot throw this word outside the window to melt and colour our white and frozen world! These past days, Gill was showing off their Fuchsia glazioviana, a native of […]

Planetary alignment

Sometimes you wonder how events with different space & time coordinates are coming together – planetary alignment? Having got my first seedex batch, I was happy about getting Schizanthus coccineus (Schizanthus grahamii var. coccinea) and a red Rhodophiala but a bit upset for missing Alstroemeria umbellata – all of them seen during our trip to […]

Sweet AND Sour

I wrote a lot about the garden sweetest moments but we all know that with them also come the sourly ones. No one boasts much about them, but the important thing would be to learn from our mistakes and try again hoping for a sweet outcome next time. Or should I say sweeter? (given the […]

Seeds of a New Year

Happy New Year everyone! In keeping with a not too long tradition, on first of January, I’m writing about something that was the most special plant-wise for me, in the past year. And it seems that having up and running my indoor light stand won the honour! From under the lights For all of us […]

Dabs of colour

Chances are that in every store and home you enter these days in Canada and the United States you’ll see displays of potted Poinsettia – Euphorbia pulcherrima. Statistics say it is the most sold potted plant for Christmas holidays. I have to give them credit – it is impressive seeing potted grown, brightly coloured Poinsettias. […]

Iced Skullcap

From a tiny plant, this Scutellaria orientalis ssp. pinnatifida transformed itself throughout the season into a mound of deliciously laced, glossy leaves topped with yellow flowers. Now, in late November, with the stems reddened and iced by the first flurries looks even more appealing. One of those sweets that you can never have enough of! […]