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The Easter bunny flower

For those of you celebrating – Happy Easter! For everyone else – enjoy ‘cause you got a long weekend anyway, and a pretext to eat more chocolate (eggs) is always good – then, you can go outside and do some gardening! The snow has begun to recede even in my shaded part of the garden […]

And then there were the Saxifrages…

The Latin word saxifraga means literally “stone-breaker”, from Latin saxum (“rock” or “stone”) + frangere (“to break”). Pliny the Elder thought the plant was named like this because at the time it was given to dissolve gallstones (another example of the Doctrine of Signatures). Even so, Saxifraga is a very good name for a plant […]

Season of Ten Thousand Flowers

  Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn, a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter. If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life.  – Wumen                                                                             It is official: in the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical Spring has begun! – don’t shake your head in […]

Epimediums: Barrenworts or Horny-Goat Weeds? – part 1

How come Epimedium species got to have these contradictory popular names? Europe: From the aphotecary to the garden Who would have thought around the year 1600 that one plant from a physic garden, grown to supply the adjacent apothecary would end up famous centuries later for its real medicinal ‘virtues’? Epimedium alpinum was the first […]


Latin terms meaning :  1. snow, covered with snow and  2. white This is a short rambling on the epithets of plant names or cultivars alluding to snow and winter inspired from the combination of the first flurries we have had here in Waterloo and me working through the plant pictures of the season. Besides […]

Open letter to Arums

 Dear Lords and Ladies, I am writing to you to express my admiration towards your wonderful foliage, which starts to grow late September and remains so beautiful throughout the winter. I know that because your particular life cycle, many people are overlooking you, but personally I think you make a great foliage plant for shade, […]


How enviable – Turning beautiful then falling maple leaves.                                                             Kagami Shiko

Sunday Phlog: Under the Tulip tree

Continuing the Tree celebration, images of the Carolinian forest giant – Liriodendron tulipifera and a few other trees. Liriodendron tulipifera– Tulip tree, Tulip Poplar or Whitewood, with its unmistakable four-lobed leaves, it is our tallest native deciduous tree. Superb, from the pyramidal shape when young and the glossy bright green leaves, to the tulip-shaped flowers […]

Tree celebration: Ginkgo biloba

Well, if you didn’t know, on the 26th September we celebrate National Tree Day. If we really need a special day for celebrating the trees, I would say:  be aware of the trees around you, plant one, educate yourself and others about them, and more importantly, respect the trees and be thankful for their resilience. […]