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Who’s afraid of the Arisaemas?

In the garden world the common ‘everyday’ can vanish somewhere between real and surreal; for sure Arisaemas are to blame for this. Mysterious and animistic creatures, they are permanently watching us, even from the underground. At Lost Horizons Nursery there are quite a few Arisaema species (Cobra lilies or Jack-in-the-pulpits) around; sometimes benevolent and sometimes mischievous […]

The Lord of the Corydalis

I someone would ask me, I would say that no garden is complete without at least one member of the ephemeral genus of Corydalis. The more common is the delightful Corydalis solida and varieties but wait until you meet the lord of the genus: Corydalis nobilis. If lucky to be able to drive you can […]

Flying on the witch’s broom – Scopolia carniolica var. brevifolia

Scopolia is a genus ignored by the horticultural ‘mass-marketers’, thus the only information about it comes mostly from medicinal/ethnobotanical references. Scopolia carniolica and its more ornamental yellow-flowered variety (var. brevifolia), are perennial plants from the mountains of central and eastern Europe. They flower in early spring at the same time with the hellebores, only that […]

Rainbows in the spring: Reticulate Irises

While I was away for a couple of weeks, things have gone crazy in the garden. Yesterday I run outside in a hurry to take a few images of the reticulate irises. I really love these dwarf irises and I planted them everywhere: in the sun, in part shade, in containers and every other corner […]

Voyage from the Land of the Rising Sun – Japanese Epimediums

Epimedium grandiflorum arrived in Europe, in Antwerp, with Philipp Franz von Siebold’s plant collection from Japan, in 1830 according to some reports. Actually, during his 8 years in Japan, Siebold sent three shipments with an unknown number of herbarium specimens to Leiden, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp. The important thing is that among them there were […]

From the Mountain of a Hundred Plants – Chinese Epimediums

“Lady White, a half-serpent, half-female, was running an apothecary, known as the Temple of Preserved Harmony. When an epidemic broke in Zhenjiang, she proclaimed that herbs were the answer, and then set out to gather them on the Mountain of a Hundred Plants. The afflicted population miraculously recovered after drinking her herbal remedies”, at least […]