Back to normal and a Viola

The Seeds Shop activity is back to normal; special thanks to those who placed orders and waited patiently!

About the Viola

Last day in the Carpathian Mts. this summer was dedicated to revisiting a special place, no seeds collecting in mind, just pure enjoyment of the scenery.
Going up a narrow rock ravine to join a narrow terrace grass trail (known as “brâna”) I snapped a few pictures, which included a Viola and then kept going. On the return, I stopped to collect Aquilegia nigricans seeds and also took on the fly some from the mentioned Viola thinking it would be nice to grow it in the garden together with Polygala vulgaris, like in nature.

Viola cf. declinata, and Polygala vulgaris – Bucegi Massif, August 2017

I didn’t know on the spot which species it was, so I should have taken proper pictures for ID. But we know about ‘should and would’….
Taking into consideration the site, flowering period and flora of the region, it is very probably to be Viola declinata.
Another option is Viola tricolor subsp. saxatilis (syn. subsp. subalpina).

Close up pictures of the seeds may have a final say on this; or not…To follow…

*Allium thunbergii ‘Ozawa’ and Gentiana cruciata seeds were added to the inventory.