Life in the fast lane – first seeds of the season available!

The very first seeds of the season, fresh and moist ;) are available!

Corydalis solida in various colours (although there is no guarantee on the seedlings colour) and the beauty of the spring, Claytonia virginica.
You can obtain 100% germination with both and have nice colonies developing in your garden in no time!

Dicentra cucullaria has put on a very nice show but it disappointed, yet again, when it came to setting seeds. But, ‘rice grains’ are always available to order (shipping only in Canada) and it saves you 1 to 2 years’ worth of growth.

Take advantage of the new shipping rates, very convenient for buying just a couple of packets, or keep an eye open until late June when Sanguinaria canadensis, Stylophorum and few others will join the moist company ;)

Hepatica seeds soon to follow after the pre-orders are finalized…


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