More new seeds

A short note again about the last seeds added to the shop, about a Lilium and thanks for sharing

The most recent Lilium species added to the shop doesn’t have a name, yet. The seeds were collected in the Durmitor Mts. of Montenegro, and it is offered for now as Lilium ssp. B17Durm.
The collector thinks it is a species from L. carniolicum/ chalcedonicum group.
Someone who already started germination tests, shared their findings and came back with the same conclusion (based on the fact the seeds displayed neither delayed hypogeal at warm, nor immediate epigeal germination).

Lilium ssp. B17Durm.; identifying Lilium after the seeds, an almost impossible task (1 mm grid)

Sometimes it is very hard to correctly identify certain species when plants reach seed maturity. Add to this being for the first time in a certain region and it becomes even more difficult. The only option in such cases is to ‘attach’ a collection name to the seeds; after the species is identified later everyone can refer back to it and write the correct name in their garden journal.

On this occasion, I would like to thank those who take time to write back and share their germinations findings, pictures, as well as other seedlings & plant related stories. I couldn’t possibly test by myself so many different species and any reliable piece of information is greatly appreciated.
It is always a pleasure to receive your emails – Thank you very much indeed :)

So, these are the last species added to the inventory (hover with the mouse to see the names).
Also in the Seed list,  Papaver ammophilum joins the others Papaver species (P. bracteatum and nudicaule) and the above mentioned Lilium.