Report on the shipping rates

I’ve been secretly working on adding new shipping rates and I’m happy to ‘report’ that it’s done! I’ve hoped to finish by the time the first signs of spring appear in the woodlands and the timing was right – Dirca palustris is just starting to flower, the first Allium tricoccum shoots are emerging and the Spring beauty (Claytonia virginica) will soon burst into flower.

As of April 1st, new shipping and handling rates will apply for all orders – Shipping & Delivery. No need to remember them though because they are displayed on the shopping cart as soon as the country of the destination is entered – simple and clear!

They allow more choices for both domestic and international customers, a very low rate for small international orders (I’ve been listening ;), free shipping for specific amounts, and so on…Coupon codes will be applied as usual.

These settings took me out of my computer ‘comfort zone’ but the hard work is done and the framework is in place; further tweaks will be easy to apply – only the sky is the limit, or better said the bottom of the ocean because there is nowhere lower to go than these shipping rates ;)

Enjoy – grow more plants from seeds this season!

The woodland is quietly awakening

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