Once in a while, I find germinated seeds in the moist storage bags. Sometimes there is a warning, sometimes not. Did I listen to: “The presence of fresh plants (of Capnoides sempervirens) late in the summer suggests that seeds from early-blooming plants may germinate and mature in the same season” (Flora of Michigan)?
Obviously, I did not.

Capnoides sempervirens germinated seeds

Capnoides sempervirens, Rock harlequin – bunch of germinated seeds while kept in moist storage.

Luckily not all seeds are the same, so a few are not germinating (yet). Anyone wanting to grow this beautiful Rock harlequin, (formerly a Corydalis) – hurry up!

Capnoides sempervirens

Capnoides sempervirens – in the wild can grow in a variety of situations, usually on rock barrens, cliffs, forest clearings.


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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      I hope to have it established at our place. It’s hard only until you have a few of them then they’ll take care of themselves :))

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