Celebration – Puya coerulea

0r The whole circle

Last fall, fussing around our seedlings in preparation for the winter, I surprised this 10 month-old Puya coerulea trying to unfold its thorny leaves. Hard to let go of one another at that time, now they start showing the silvery colour of the adult plant foliage.

Puya coerulea - hard to let go!

Puya coerulea – hard to let go!

Right now I took pictures of 1 year old plants! This is something I hope to be able to present for other species in the future as well – The Whole Circle. It will start with the trip when we did the seed collecting, and it will continue with the germination of seeds, and the growth of the seedlings into mature plants. More than often, besides the plant itself it is the story linked to it – a far away place, a dear person, or an unusual event that makes it so special to have and to hold on. I know that most people collect in their trips small stones, pressed flowers, a piece of a branch, or lots of pictures – but by growing a plant you can literally keep that memory alive!


For Puya coerulea, is just the mature plant/flowering stage that is missing, but I hope in a few more years to have it as well :) This is a short visual journey, from the trip in Chile and the germinatrix, to this plantlet. A mature plant will resist to at least –6°C, making it suitable for containerized culture here in Ontario as long as is being brought inside for the winter. In milder areas of Canada, like Vancouver and Victoria, it could be grown outside yearlong.