Second place in the race

Plus a new contender and a dare

Long title for brief post: Dicentra cuccularia has finish second the flowering race while Primula frondosa has become the new challenger for the third place!

Dicentra cuccularia

Dicentra cuccularia flowering

Primula frondosa
Primula frondosa

And the dare: guess the name of the plant from the next image.

what's this -
What’s this ?
Worth growing even if only for this fleeting moment when the mauve buds are pushing through the soil. (Hint – it is a woodland plant of European origin; yellow flowers)

 Dare to guess and you will be rewarded with any seed packet from the shop (I am 99% sure that no one can tell ;)

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      The buds are not opening, it doesn’t look good (last year was bad for my Hepaticas,too much rain, plus that I dug it up late fall). But will have the ones in woods, soon maybe ;)

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