Forgetfulness – Lilium pumilum

It’s understandable that people with large gardens forget some of the species they grow. I may also forget some because of moving them all the time from one container to another. In these situations, I use the method of ‘elimination’.

Lilium pumilum2To start with, I knew it was a Lilium ;) First I flirted with the idea of being Lilium martagon. Later, looking at the grassy foliage, I thought without much enthusiasm about L. lancifolium ‘Flore Pleno’. Only when it got close to flowering I remembered I also had/have a Lilium pumilum.

Lilium pumilum detail

Lilium pumilum detail

Of course now that it is in flower, it doesn’t look like one that’s easy to forget…

Lilium pumilum

Lilium pumilum – Coral lily

Native to China, Mongolia, Russia, and S. Korea (forest margins, mountain slopes). Nodding, scarlet, shiny flowers, smaller than those of L. martagon (and usually without spots), solitary to several, fragrant – heavy and sweet, like a super-scented Daphne. Narrow linear leaves in whorls around the stems (syn. L. potaninii, L. tenuifolium). For sun to part-shade, prefers moist locations.

Propagation: easy from seeds, bulb scales; bulbs said to be short lived(?) and edible/medicinal(?). It may be a while until I have enough to give them a try; for now I only admit to the fact that it is a tough one ;) And if it decides to be short lived this year, I hope there will be seeds.

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  1. sueturner31
    sueturner31 says:

    Such a vibrant colour…I have species iris growing from seed started 2007, some are starting to flower. I am going to have to send pictures to ‘Plant World Seeds’ where they came from so I can have them identified. I hate having something that I don’t know the name of.

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      With things taking so long to start flowering is no wonder that the tags had ‘withered’ :) For young plants that I know I’ll be moving, change
      places a lot, I just keep the tags in a Ziploc; if they don’t make it’s fine, if I see them flowering either I remember :) or I go visit the Ziploc bag.
      Pacific Bulb Society has a good review on Irises (and others).

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