Friday’s Seeds – Fritillaria

And a Happy New Year!

I’ve recently sown few species new for me: Fritillaria and Gagea – Fam. Liliaceae.  I hoped that the close-up pictures will reveal minute differences between the seeds, and I will be able to use them for species identification. I was wrong – partially.

There are slight differences, especially when looking at them by comparison, but fair to say it is (almost) impossible to ID these Fritillaria spp. only after their seeds (F. ruthenica is a bit distinctive). Other Gagea species might be very similar with G. taurica as well. Not surprisingly, many Lilium species have also look-alike seeds.

In this case we can only trust and hope that after a few years the bulbs will flower to reveal the names written on the labels. With the same spirit of hope we look forward to the New Year, as a better, safer, and peaceful one for all !

Gagea taurica seeds

  Happy New Year!

                                    – and keep sowing :)                             


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