Friday’s Seed – Prosartes lanuginosa

Since we are heading towards the winter and the flowers are almost gone, I am initiating the first edition of a new series – Friday’s Seed(s). This (these) may belong to any species that I happened to photograph while sorting and packaging seeds, sowing  and/or working on my ‘seed library’ (which is getting larger by the day).

Some may find it useful, as I did in many situations when looking to clarify the identity of a species after its seeds characteristics. Not to mention that they are also very beautiful/interesting when seen up close.

Without further ado, sowed today: Prosartes lanuginosa, yellow fairybells, yellow mandarin – a North American woodland species (formerly Disporum).


Prosartes lanuginosa seeds (Fam. Liliaceae)

Fruit: red berries, each containing 1–2(–4)-seeds (Flora of NA)


Prosartes lanuginosa fruits


Note: Seeds of species featured are not necessarily found in the Seeds Shop. The main purpose of this series is to present scaled seed images (sometimes also the fruits) of correctly identified species.