Friday’s Seeds – Soldanella

Soldanellas, the snow bells, are absolutely charming plants. I love them all and would like to grow more of them (I’m not very successful at doing it for now….).
So, I was very happy to find seeds of these two species in the Carpathians; I can at least ‘keep’ them in the Seeds Library, if not in the garden :+)

Soldanella pusilla – a high altitude, calcifuge, miniature snowbell; likes the company of P. minima, Campanula alpina, Rhododendron myrtifolius.

Soldanella pusilla seeds

Soldanella hungarica – has fringed, wide bluish/purple flowers and grows in the shade of Fagus sylvatica stands, many times sharing the place with Saxifraga cuneifolia ssp. robusta.

Soldanella hungarica seeds





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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      All of them are fringed Gill, only that I never catch in flower S. hungarica. The little one is really a species for ‘advanced’ rock gardeners. As always, envy is with me because you could buy various Soldanella species from some of the specialty nurseries that still exist in UK.

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