Finally a Gentiana!

Gentiana oschtenica (close-up images of seeds provide useful info for species identification & seed coat integrity)

If it would be after my heart desire the seed catalogue would be full of Gentiana species – no discrimination made regarding their origin, colour or reproductive orientation :0

Until then, I am very happy to have had received through seed trade this rare gentian from the Caucasus. Gentiana oschtenica looks and behaves just like Gentiana verna but it has large, yellow-cream coloured flowers (for a while it was named G. verna ssp. oschtenica). Its name remembers the Massif Oshten-Fischt of the Western Caucasus, where it adorns the alpine meadows together with many other alpine treasures.

 I don’t have a real picture of it so we’ll have to content ourselves with this digital artistic rendering I made using a Gentiana verna image

'Digital' Gentiana oschtenica

Artistic-digital representation of Gentiana oschtenica after Gentiana verna

Both are finicky in cultivation but I have dreams in blue and cream (Gentiana verna/G. oschtenica) for my rock containers; arising from between the rock hugging Caucasian Gypsophila imbricata foliage!

What would life be without dreams?

Gentiana verna

Gentiana verna in an alpine meadow from Carpathian Mts.

This also got me thinking of the Carpathians, with which the Western Caucasus Mts. have much in common; so much to write about and show during the winter’s short and cloudy days…


There will be 1-2 seed packets of Gentiana oschtenica left for the seed shop after I’ll do my sowing. While I am in the Holidays giving mood, if someone wants them faster or has something equally interesting to trade – send us mail (also available from the same region, a few choice Saxifrages for the alpine enthusiast: Saxifraga scleropoda, Saxifraga sibirica and Saxifraga kolenatiana – click to see images.

Gentiana oschtenica – image

Gypsophila imbricata – image

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