Gentianopsis Self-promotion

In between seed collecting/cleaning and the digging up of our garden there is little time left for anything else other than self-promoting; I don’t know if any Gentianopsis would ever need it but for sure my Seed Shop does. Gentianopsis virgata, the small fringed gentian will proudly represent the Gentianaceae family in the Seed Catalogue!

Gentianopsis virgata

Gentianopsis virgata – a slender plant, 15-40 cm tall with linear leaves and gentian-like solitary, mauve flowers.

Biennial, it will form a rosette of leaves in the first season, and then flower in the second year from August to October, with a magnificent flower display. If happy with the place it will delicately self-seed – this is one of those plants that you would wish it will do that a lot!

For moist locations of the woodland garden or edges of the ponds, streams, in full to part sun; requires calcareous soils.



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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Thanks. There is another one – G. crinita, that’s a bit more showy, but I was happy to have found at least G. virgata ;)

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