with Geum reptans

Our night temperatures have plunged to new record lows of -30˚C; our spirits are following the same trend. Short of being able to fly away to a sunny destination, I made a trip into the past summer days.

Geum reptans

Geum reptans – in habitat, Carpathian Mts.

Geum reptans sits at the top of my ‘to collect’ list. I would have a lot to say about this mountain Geum. After seeing it in full splendour, there is no denying that it holds the record of the largest flowered Geum species. From my present frozen perspective however, size is not as important as their irradiating glow, which could (metaphorically) melt the ice away.

I am convinced now that it is a total calcifuge species. In the natural habitat we found individuals growing majestically on granitic boulders or isolated populations scattered over sloped rocky alpine meadows only where the underlying substrate was predominantly of silicaceous nature; amongst them were rosettes of Soldanella pusilla and Primula minima. Needless to say that, the drainage they enjoy in these conditions is nothing short of being ‘stellar’.

Geum reptans - solitary on a versant boulder

Geum reptans – splashed over a big boulder, on a stabilized scree

Geum reptans - on a rocky alpine meadow slope

Geum reptans – on a rocky alpine meadow slope

In a few early flowered plants, the magnificent rose and fluffy seed heads were just beginning to ripe, so I couldn’t collect seeds last year; another record – of disappointment this time…

Geum reptans - immature seed heads

Geum reptans – immature seed heads

Propagation: I wrote about the germination and showed seedlings in other posts. The seeds from a previous collection have germinated very well. Seedlings developed strong tap roots and weren’t too fussy, but I didn’t manage to keep them going longer than two years. Not enough drainage was surely a big problem, especially in my newly planted rock-plants containers. I hope one day I’ll broke another record: of growing this mountain avens in my rock garden!

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