SEEDS SHOP Launching!

The Seed Shop is Open for business!

Many, many thanks again to everyone supporting this endeavour in whatever way: proofreaders, seed providers, blog readers, hand holders… ;) I am sure we will hit a few bumps down the road but I am confident problems will be solved as they emerge. Although a few species are still to be added and seeds to be cleaned, most seed packets can now be added to the shopping cart and pushed through the checkout using PayPal for payment.

The official opening is featuring an annual Gentianaceae – Halenia deflexa, the spurred gentian which belongs to the group of close Gentians (with flowers that never fully open). It is not very common in the wild and it could surely use some garden love and more attention. The spurs of the flowers are held backwards (hence ‘deflexa’) resembling little floral space ships launching into space!

I hope they’ll take the news of the Seeds Shop opening far away into the galaxy of plant lovers!

Halenia deflexa2

Halenia deflexa – Spurred Gentian

It grows about 40 cm tall and blooms in late July to August; flowers will gradually tilt to 90 degrees (or even lower) and change colour from greenish to purple. A subtle, science-fiction-like apparition in the late summer garden!

In the wild is usually grows at the margins of woods or clearings of mixed coniferous and hardwoods, in dappled shade. Never found it in big numbers; groups of 2-3 to 10 individuals at most, so it is fair to say that it will self-seed around in a very delicate way to ensure a perennial population. I hope at least a few people will want to give it sanctuary into their gardens! – not too many seeds, find them in the Annual and Biennial Plants category:

Halenia deflexa

Halenia deflexa

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