Happy New Year!

As the saying goes, gardeners are optimistic people by nature – they always look forward to better weather in the next year, better growth & flowering, better germination…
I know no other better way to spend the time separating the old from the New Year than sowing and tending to the seedlings (the ones I keep in the garage).
There is the looking back –

Hepatica americana #1


Podophyllum pleianthum x versipelle


And looking forward!

Hepatica americana #1 germinated seeds

Podophyllum pleianthum x versipelle with bud for new year :)

I wish you all a great gardening season in 2018!
 Beautiful seedlings, flowers and new places to explore!


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  1. Tina
    Tina says:

    You’re so right! Gardeners believe in the future, otherwise we wouldn’t be constantly in the search for that one plant, or the right arrangement for this garden. Happy 2018 to you–always enjoy your posts and your love of plants!


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