Hepatica acutiloba 2016

Addendum to Notes on Hepatica acutiloba

Yes, the season of ten thousand flowers has begun. After a mild winter, Hepaticas were ready to burst into flower since late March, if not for the last polar vortex. A short scouting trip was done mostly for Hepatica acutiloba which is flowering slightly earlier than H. americana. It has proven very fruitful.

Beautiful specimens were found and tagged. Various colours, foliage and even scented plants! And surely, with the thought of bloom, comes the thought of seeds :)

Hepatica acutiloba – white flowers with pink overlay, slightly fragrant!

Hepatica acutiloba - white, scented

Hepatica acutiloba with blue flowers and also slightly fragrant.

Hepatica acutiloba blue, scented

And one specimen I marked since late fall for its beautiful foliage: H. acutiloba fo. diversiloba – blue flowers and also fragrant!

Hepatica acutiloba fo. diversiloba - blue, scented

I can feel it – is going to be a very exciting season!!!

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