Taking advantage of the good weather I have been working hard to ‘dismember’ one part of the rock garden (I’ll talk about it later). Bought some big containers to do some sort of a crevice planting – in went the already existing plants, and why not stuff in a few of the last year’s seedlings I thought?

Crevice container

Overstuffed ‘crevice container’

Funny what comes out of pots sometimes – these are one year seedlings of Incarvillea delavayi ‘Alba’ and of another seed accession called ‘Snowtop” (probably the same thing). Little snowmen just about to start walking on the snow…(which slowly recedes revealing the thyme carpet underneath).

Incarvillea delavayi 'Snowtop'

Incarvillea delavayi ‘Snowtop’ – seedlings  with carrot-like roots

Incarvilleaa genus with about 20 species in Central Asia and the Himalaya. Common names: hardy gloxinia and Chinese trumpet flowers (fam. Bignoniaceae).  Incarvillea delavayi one of the most familiar in culture has very handsome, big trumpet shaped flowers, usually pink with yellow throats. The two cultivars mentioned above – one year seedlings, have white flowers. For a full sun or part-shade location in good drainage soil – in the wild they grow in rocky, stony habitats, rocky mountain slopes.

This Incarvillea compacta from Wrightman Alpines would have been more appropriate for my rockery – there is always next year…

Incarvillea compacta




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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      That’s because I don’t have one ;) – I’ll see if there is one somewhere.
      Thanks, I couldn’t believe, they were so cute and plumpy!

  1. Amy Olmsted
    Amy Olmsted says:

    I love this plant and how easy it is from seed…..but they never survive more than a year or two here. Maybe I need to add more drainage material and keep them dryer.
    Did you know Harvey is moving to NB?? I just heard about it and he’s moving the nursery to St. Andrews. Farther away for both of us…:-(

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      My seedlings were kept in the garage – true they really need good drainage, so I don’t know if they’ll make it to next year…
      This is big (bad) news-where did you hear it? Did you mean Harvey Wrightman? That would be too bad – it’s about 2 h drive from my place, so I can visit the nursery when they have open house.

      • Amy Olmsted
        Amy Olmsted says:

        He sent a notice to the Berkshire NARGS chapter newsletter that I just got….and yes, Harvey Wrightman! He said that the last time until fall to purchase plants from him is at the Stonecrop Sale in NY….but he didn’t say anything about mail order. So hmmmmm.

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