Latin terms meaning :  1. snow, covered with snow and  2. white

This is a short rambling on the epithets of plant names or cultivars alluding to snow and winter inspired from the combination of the first flurries we have had here in Waterloo and me working through the plant pictures of the season. Besides ‘niveum’ or ‘nivea’ which can be found both as specific epithet or cultivars name – like in Epimedium x youngianum ‘Niveum’, other term used is: ‘alba’ or ‘album’, both referring to the flowers or leaves colour or other botanical characteristic, like in Abies alba – from the 2 white bands of stomata on the underside of the needles (more epithets bringing on the winter and ice are frigidus/frigida; glacialis and gelidus).

For the cultivar names, the list would be very long from: ‘Snow Queen’ (Hydrangea quercifolia) to ‘Snow Flurries’ (Aster ericoides) and ‘Late Snow’ (Primula sieboldii).  Anyway, enjoy a few white images; Gentiana angustifolia ‘Iceberg’ (I think), took me by surprise a couple of weeks ago, both by the time of flowering and its identity!

Don’t you love (good) surprises?