One picture per blossom: A Peony Album

“One poem/ per blossom is not enough/ for a peony.” -Ryumin

And if I may add, one picture per blossom would not be enough for a peony either. I realized this when we visited the New York Botanical Garden and the herbaceous Paeonia (P. lactiflora) collection was in full bloom. There are plenty of books and websites devoted to peonies. What I find fascinating is how this flower has become so revered in the eastern countries, to the point that peony-viewing was a festive occasion in the Japanese gardens, for example. It was associated with good-luck, prosperity; it was a status and a symbol of good fortune. Peony images can be found in the artwork of many Asian artists, in paintings, tapestry, porcelain and literature. For the peoples from other cultures, the peony may be just a pretty flower, but even so we can all agree that true beauty doesn’t need description. That’s why I put together this album: one picture and one poem per blossom, you’ll see it’s not enough.