Wildflowers Monday

A very late spring arrival made it that early wildflowers, especially the ephemerals, will be in a rush from flowers to seeds. I almost missed the flowering start of Sanguinaria! This is the “joy” of a temperate continental climate – long winter hibernation is followed by a fast sprint which is merely a transition into the summer. Meet the future parents…

Spring wildflowers of Southwestern Ontario

  • Sanguinaria canadensis


  • Caulophyllum thalictroides

    Blue cohosh

  • Claytonia virginica

    Eastern Spring beauty

  • Eryhtronium americanum


  • Dicentra cucullaria

    Dutchman’s breeches

  • Claytonia caroliniana

    Carolina Spring beauty

  • Symplocarpus foetidus

    Skunk cabbage

  • Trillium erectum

    Stinking Benjamin, Wake robin

  • Viola macloskeyi

    Small white violet

 More to come…

I forgot to include in the slideshow an interesting finding – one nicely coloured and early blooming Arisaema triphyllum; all others were just showing up.

Arisaema triphyllum - early flowering form1

Arisaema triphyllum – early flowering form


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