Open letter to US customers

Dear US customers,

This letter is in regard to the troubles we have been having with orders that are not accompanied by the APHIS-USDA ‘Small lot of seeds’ permit, despite the fact that the requirement is posted all over our website.

This regulation is not imposed by us and is nothing we can do about it, except of course, comply with it. We have been very understanding, helped many of you through all the necessary steps, and in most cases it went well.

In fact, obtaining the permit is free for you and all the work is on us; one US order takes double the amount of time to process because of all the required paperwork.

However, some continue to order without the permit and some get frustrated and upset when we refund their order. Did you know that every time we refund an order through PayPal, we lose a small percentage of it? For a small size company it adds up in time. Furthermore, I regret to say that common email courtesy is sometimes lacking from your messages.

As such, from now on we reserve the right to decline orders submitted by customers who fail to provide the permit and are disrespectful/abusive towards us.

Although I sat down to write this overdue letter because of a few customers, there have been far more numerous positive feedbacks, a motivation for us to continue shipping to US.

I will end quoting one person, which gives a good example of how we should best deal with the situation, that is, by making fun of it.

Message quote (with permission)
“Hi Gabriela,

Attached please find the awaited USDA labels for my order. These labels will allow you to abide by useless government regulation so that we may avoid a major international incident regarding the transport of this highly sensitive material.
Ted B.”

Thank you all.
Yours sincerely,
Gabriela @ BotanyCa

PS. Please feel free to share this letter on Facebook, as much as you like.

For all those interested, see our new page for USA – Ordering & Shipping.

PS.2 A note regarding the arrival of the seeds it is always very welcomed. It should preferably, look like this:

“Hello Gabriela,

My seeds arrived today in the envelope that was thoroughly inspected by USDA for explosives, nuclear radiation, and chocolates.
Everything looks fine. Thanks again.
Ted B.”

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  1. willisjw
    willisjw says:

    Gabriella, I’m sorry you’ve had problems with shipping some U.S. orders. As you know we have had no issues and I’ll continue to make orders (using the formal procedure as requested). By the way, 4 out of 5 from the last shipment are up and growing. — jw

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Thank you John. Even after I placed a clear page for US-Ordering and Shipping the problem still goes on…

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