Ordering Info – Serious stuff, please read carefully!

We sincerely appreciate all orders and interest in growing plants from seeds – Every little effort adds up to preserving and enhancing plant biodiversity!

Ordering seeds is straightforward, like in any shopping cart system – just add products (seed packets) to your cart and when done (you can easily go back and forth) proceed to checkout.

For just a few species that are in low supply, the system was set up in such a way that you can order only one packet of seeds per order. But most species can be ordered in multiple seed packages. There is NO minimum order value setup. We appreciate all small orders and the willingness to grow plants from seeds!

We don’t do wholesale but carry a bit larger seed quantity in some cases. If you have a special request, would like to pre-order seeds of a particular species for next year, or if you prefer to be invoiced first, please use the Contact form.


The Payment will be done through the secure PayPal system. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use it. It is very simple and fast and the buyer pays no fees. All charges are clearly shown before proceeding to checkout. On the checkout page there is also the possibility to write a short note that it will show up on your order. For payment you’ll be directed to the PayPal website.

Only for Canadian Customers: If someone really wants to avoid at any cost PayPal, send your order (including your name, address) through the contact form and I’ll get back to you with the amount you owe and the information for sending a cheque. In this case, your order will be shipped only after receiving the cheque and the particular seed species you asked for will not be put on hold.


As long as the business qualifies as a small supplier we don’t have to charge provincial/federal taxes for Canadian customers – enjoy!
Customers outside Canada pay no taxes, no matter what.

All prices are in Canadian currency.

What to order and Plant Hardiness

Most often we buy seeds & plants knowing what we want. But sometimes we do it on an impulse (or just because we like the picture) and for these cases we are providing the native range of the species and the growing conditions of their natural habitats. These are valuable clues about their hardiness and how they can be best cultivated. However, especially the survival of young seedlings can be influenced by many other factors and everyone should do their homework before requesting certain species. Also the height of the species can be variable depending on the growing conditions; we are guiding mainly after the specimens growing in wild habitats.


Our guarantee is that all species are correctly identified and collected in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner. We clearly indicate the number of seeds per packet and in the case of small and very small seeds, usually you will receive extras.

All seeds are closely inspected regularly so that only the best will be shipped. We will be checking germination whenever possible; however, it is up to you to break the dormancy in the case of those more difficult to germinate species.

We went the whole nine yards to keep moist stratified seeds of species known to loose viability in dry storage like Caulophyllum, Podophyllum, Hepatica, Uvularia and so on…. This is a huge amount of work that big seeds companies will never do for you.

Please follow closely the germination requirements and read all the additional information provided on the website – see the Germination Page; we are continuously testing the correlation between various storage methods and germination and will post our findings through the Blog (you may consider subscribing). Our personal shared experience can be used as a guideline but it cannot replace your own trial and error for germination and raising the seedlings. All of it is an important part of the challenging but rewarding process of growing your own plants!

Due to the perishable nature of seeds, there is a NO RETURNS policy.

And a cheerful picture if you made it through the whole page!

Viola alpina

Please see also the Shipping & Delivery page.