Overheating – Roscoea tibetica f. atropurpurea

In this part of the world, the heat & humidity combined together can be quite unbearable. Today, we reached around 38C, with the humidex!
Even the little Roscoea tibetica f. atropurpurea couldn’t take it anymore and the first capsule bursted out in desperation. Two more to follow…

Roscoea tibetica f. atropurpurea with split capsule

I talked about this Roscoea a few times; a cute little thing and a curiosity. It shows up very late (June), produces only few flowers and it is so small that it needs a special place to be seen. Plus, the capsules split in a most unattractive way. Still, I found it charming :) Don’t you?

Roscoea tibetica f. atropurpurea – measured last year

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  1. Jed Johnson
    Jed Johnson says:

    Would like to order some Roscoea seed. I am presently reading “Travel’s in China: A Plantsmans Paradise” by Roy
    Lancaster. Published 1989 (ISBN 1851490191). What a terrific travelouge (complete with maps and color photographs). Written in an easy going style (highly reccomended).
    Lancaster encountered Roscoea tibetica not far from Huadianba (a farming village in the Chinese Cangshan mountain range at 9,000 feet above sea level). According to Lancaster its range in the wild includes – western China, upper Burma, south-east Tibet and Bhutan. Nice!
    Just received my small lots of seed permit so I will place an order soon.
    Thank You!

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Yes, what an excellent book. Read it a while a go but wasn’t mine; I should look for buying it, always interesting to review it.
      Since then, they also named a Roscoea bhutanica, which at the time was included in R. tibetica.
      We’ll see how many seeds I’ll end up having, the capsules are very small, just like the plant of course.

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      The heat wave has passed by now. I am actually looking fwd to cooler temp.; enough heat for this summer.

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