Freshly baked S-cones

Pinus banksiana – Jack pine

Baking seems always the perfect thing to do when the weather turns cold and wet. A few Scones were rapidly thrown into the oven and soon the heavenly warm, resinous smell freshened up the entire house!

Pinus banksiana cones
Pinus banksiana baked cones

Pinus banksiana cones remain on the tree for quite a few years without opening, reason why at any time there are various generations of cones present on the trees. In the wild, old cones will open to release the seeds only after forest fires, or sometimes, after very hot, dry weather.

If none of these apply, you can always bake a few Scones ;)

Pinus banksiana is the pine portrayed by Tom Thomson in his famous paintings of the Northern Canadian landscapes, characterized by shallow soils and rocky outcrops where the Jack pine becomes gnarled with age and bent by winds. It presents an amazing hardiness and adaptability; all it requires is a full sun location. As a result, it is cultivated mainly for bonsai forming, but it could be also trained to form picturesque specimens for the rock gardens, especially when planted at a young age.

The S-cones are gone but you can find warm, fresh seeds in the Shop!




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