Plant valentine – North American native species

I had no intention to write a plant valentine because I am not done with the Compositae, but a recent order brought happy thoughts about our lovely woods and not only.

 I also thought about our quest for the unattainable, hard to obtain and grow species. All the while, an abundance of lovely North American species are awaiting to be cultivated more in our gardens. True, not all of them are glamorous, but one thing you can be sure about is that they are reliable.

So, here it is my plant valentine this year – to all North American native species: from the forests, mountains, prairies, bogs and fens to the rocky shorelines. We should all grow more!

Back to the Compositae, there are lots of native species among them that’s for sure  :)

*Maianthemum canadense seedling in the featured image

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      That’s for sure, especially in a climate like ours. I think a combination of both native and non native species is good in any garden, as long as the balance goes towards the first ones.


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