The lure of the Caucasus

The universal yearn for far-away places and their plants

My hands trembled a little when sowing this special plant from Caucasus: Potentilla divina; whoever named it most surely referred not only to the plant but also to the place where it grows: ‘divina’, meaning ‘divine’ or ‘heavenly’. Then I sown some Eremurus tianschanicus and a few Gentiana… After a while, I took a break and sat down on a rocky ledge; a gentle breeze swirled around, clouds moved slowly over the blue sky above the snow-capped mountains…

Potentilla divina in habitat

Potentilla divina in habitat, Mount  Musa Achitara (Caucasus Mts.)

Yearning for things, including plants that are not easily accessible, is not something new. Remember the early days of the botanical explorers, the quest for the new and unknown lands and plants? The more distant and inaccessible, the more they became desirable and mesmerizing…

But I think it is more than that; it is about the possibility of fulfilling the dreams of these far-away lands just by simply growing and/or owning something that associates with them. There may be places that will remain inaccessible and illusory to us, yet we could see them embodied in a seed, a plant, a small stone…This is a universal yearn; I can tell that people from the far-away lands, also have yearnings for some North American species that are not widely available.

Potentilla divina flower close-up

Potentilla divina flower close-up

To keep it short, to satisfy my yearning of the Caucasus Mts., I put a lot of energy in trying to establish a connection in the region. I hope that in time it will flourish; for now I only have a few extra seeds that I can spare. If you are under the same lure, hurry up to the Shop – I made a Plants of the Caucasus Category for easy finding. There are just a few small packages, and there is no time now for too many details; I googled for good plant images, in their wild habitats.

You’ll find there Potentilla divina, Eremurus tianschanicus, Gentiana angulosa, Primula ruprechtii and a few more. This is the time to get sowing!

Special thanks to Sergey, for providing the images and most importantly, the seeds! Also to the many others that are still collecting and sharing the wealth of plants from the Caucasus Mts.;not an easy thing to do.



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