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From our main Base Camp in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, we ship to most destinations but we are not responsible for the safe arrival of the seeds at your shipping address. Once an order has been shipped, it will be considered delivered. Depending on your country, there may be restrictions regarding the seed import of certain species that we cannot be aware of; it is the recipient’s duty to inquire about them.

Australia and New Zealand customers: please make sure your wished species are allowed under your BICON regulation.

We no longer ship seeds to the USA. Maybe one day the decision will be reversed, but under the present U.S. customs regulations and conditions, the whole process had become too cumbersome to manage.

NEW Shipping and Handling fees!

 As of April 1st, 2017 these are the new Shipping, including handling, fees:
Domestic rates (Canada):
up to 15$   –  3.75$

15-40$       – 5.25$
40-65$      – 6.50$
Free shipping over 65$

International (most destinations):
1-2 seed pck.  – 3.85$
20 -30$           – 6.75$
30-50$            – 10$
50-100$          – 12.75
Free shipping over 100$

All prices are in Canadian currency.

To keep the low shipping costs, we cannot use registered mail. If someone prefers the latter, the additional cost can be invoiced through PayPal (in this case please contact us before ordering).

Seeds indicated as “moist packed” have been stored in moist vermiculite and will be sent included in a small amount of damp vermiculite or moist paper towel (the latter mostly in the case of small seeds that are hard to distinguish from vermiculite particles).


Orders will be prepared in 2-3 days and the delivery time will depend on the destination, usually from 1-3 weeks. Orders are shipped normally through Canada Post.


Our guarantee is that all species are correctly identified and collected in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner. We clearly indicate the number of seeds per packet and in the case of small and very small seeds, usually there are many more seeds provided.

All seeds are closely inspected regularly so that only the best will be shipped. We will be checking germination whenever possible; however, it is up to you to break the dormancy in the case of those more difficult to germinate species. Please follow closely the germination requirements and read all the additional information provided on the website – see the Germination Page; we are continuously testing the correlation between various storage methods and germination and will post our findings through the Blog (you may consider subscribing).

Due to the perishable nature of seeds, there is a NO RETURNS policy.

Should you encounter any difficulty when ordering or have any special requests or questions, please use the Contact form.

Thank you for your interest in growing plants from seeds!