Spring photo-shoot 2016

Lately we’ve been ‘polar-vortexed’ (that’s a new expression); another term that went around was ‘winter in the spring’…all not too happy words, at least for gardeners. But relief is in sight – temperatures in double digits are expected by the end of the week!

So, it is time for the annual spring photo-shoot. Soon, the more advanced youngsters from the germinatrix will go outside (they have become impatient and a bit pale from lack of sun). Just one image from the many I took yesterday.

Come close together – Say cheese!

Spring photo-shoot 2016

As always, a mix of everything; it’s called ‘butterflying’; seeds that I collected myself, gifted seeds, traded seeds…all welcome :)

From the very early germinated and already grown up Capnoides sempervirens, Iris dichotoma, A. pachypoda fo. rubrocarpa and Scabiosa caucasica ‘Fama Blue’, to young babies like Podophyllum delavayi and P. pleianthum.

Podophyllum delavayi and P. pleianthum seedlings

Podophyllum delavayi, P. pleianthum and hybrids young seedlings

Among the very new and exciting, Paronychia cephalotes and Silene jailensis, are looking well;  good hope for nice grown plants by the summer!

And so many more…(hover over the images for the species names)




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  1. willisjw
    willisjw says:

    Great pictures and a good idea. You always show the little seedlings to such good advantage. I should do this with some of the little guys I’m propagating too..

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Thank you.I found it to be a good record keeping since I don’t write down everything that I should. Many times I rely on the images regarding the date of germination start, first leaves and so on…Plus is good for ID in the seedling stage (even if something prove to be the wrong thing, I’ll know better next time ;)

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