Summer Gentians

I won’t say much about these summer gentians, except that they are blue and flower from mid to late summer. Everything else is just details; and we all need a short break from them… ;)

Gentiana septemfida var. lagodechiana – Summer or crested gentian

Gentiana septemfida var. lagodechiana

Gentiana septemfida var. lagodechiana

Gentiana cachemirica

Gentiana cachemirica

Gentiana cachemirica – it is a sprawling gentian; the foliage in front of the flower bud belongs to Campanula circassica; I will update the post with a fully open flower.


Gentiana cachemirica - flower open

Gentiana cachemirica opened

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  1. composerinthegarden
    composerinthegarden says:

    Oh that gorgeous blue! I’ve never grown gentians; perhaps I will add them for next year, I believe that both the closed bottle gentian (G. andrewsii) and the fringed gentian (G.crinita) are native to this area.

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Ah, you should try at least one! If looking only for native species, those are, with the mention that G. crinita is actually a Gentianopsis and biennial; equally wonderful :)

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