Sunday Phlog: Never enough Gentians

Flowering faithfully from spring through summer and late fall, the Gentians are my most beloved flowers. Although I am usually associating them with a mountainous environment, there are plenty of species/varieties growing happily in ordinary garden conditions. This gallery contains Gentiana species and varieties from our travels and from Lost Horizons Nursery (where a few are available to purchase) and it will be updated gradually.


And if you are crazy like me about Gentianaceae please visit The Gentian Research Network.

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Jennifer: If you’ll keep coming back to Lost Horizons I am sure some gentians will follow you home one day! I am always happy when I hear from people who are seeing Lost Horizons with the same eyes (like mine). Wonderful post and images from LH, if you don’t mind I’ll give a direct link to it in the coming days.
      (The plant without tag is Kirengeshoma palmata)

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