Transition – Hepatica seeds added to the shop!

The Hepatica seeds were added to the shop!

Seeds of the more special forms were only enough for pre-orders and trades with friends. Taking into consideration that most often there are 1-2 specimens to collect seeds from, it is understandable. Considering that all seeds are open pollinated, we can always obtain a ‘special’ form even from the most regular H. americana seeds because they were collected from the same populations.
As well, there is no guarantee that from one of the special forms all seedlings will come true to type.

They all grow together and they are all wonderful!

The most important thing is that you don’t need to worry about germination. I even did a small experiment and went the ‘grower style’ by sowing in the cell packs ;) The first flower will appear in the third year if plants grow well.

I would like to show, again, the transition that seeds undergo during storage.  Don’t worry that after seeing the pictures of fresh green/yellowish seeds you will receive ‘black’ ones. The former is the normal transition of the outer tegument during maturation. Also, at this stage, the white elaiosomes are not visible anymore (their only function being to attract the ants who disperse the fresh seeds).

Sanguinaria, woodland poppies (Stylophorum sp.) and the gingers – soon to join the moist group!




“Like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring” – Kahlil Gibran

One of the coldest February months in history is about to end but it shouldn’t keep us from dreaming our hearts wishes…A gallery of spring flower seeds, which all bear elaiosomes; some are still dreaming under the snow or in my fridge, some have started to germinate.

(Click to see large size images)

The variety of elaiosome shapes and structures is simply mesmerizing when seen up-close. From barely seen in Claytonia (Spring beauty) to the ‘Mohican-style crest’ in Stylophorum (Wood poppy) and snail body-like in Sanguinaria (Bloodroot) – this is nature’s imagination at its best!