Fridays Seeds in lieu of flowers – Pulsatilla

I don’t remember if I’ve already done a Friday’s seeds about Pulsatilla; in any case this is more to draw attention to the Pulsatilla species from the shop.

There are not many, but all are fresh of this year and this is the best time to sow!
See them here in the
Pulsatilla category.

I don’t have many pictures of these gorgeous species, reason why I have to show the seeds. I know they are not as attractive as the flowers but what can I do, and in any case, they can be used for ID purpose.

Pulsatilla albana ssp. armena – the Pulsatilla ‘seeds’ are actually fruits – achenes with “fluffy tails”.

Pulsatilla vernalis

A good idea is to admire pictures while also reading advice on their germination at the same time – all on the Scottish Rock Garden forum! This is the link to Pulsatilla 2013 thread, but there are more topics on Pulsatilla:

Note: I’ve already sown my batch (I have to practice on this genus) and there are few leftover seeds of Pulsatilla alpina var. alpina, which will come attached as a gift to the first order containing other Pulsatillas.

Pulsatilla alpina ssp. alpina (large, white flowers)

 While talking Ranunculaceae seeds that need to be sown asap, I recommend to also have a look at  Adonis vernalis.

Adonis vernalis