Rock garden pets

Plant pets, that is ;) After a harsh, long winter I am welcoming the survivors from the rock containers. All can be petted, but some more than others; they provide the same good feeling and heart rate slowing as any other pet (if they could only purr…).

Welcome to: Hieracium lanatum a small Hawkweed from the Alps; grown from seed believing it was something else, but now that I know what it is, I don’t mind it at all (thank you Robert).

Hieracium lanatum

Hieracium lanatum

Thalictrum isopyroides – this is a highly prized and one of the very few meadow rues for rock gardens. Grown from seed, it has become fast a favourite. Only 10-15 cm tall, it has a compact, fine, most delicate appearance given by the small leaves divided into tiny blue-grey leaflets. In the fall, it takes a chameleonic look, with shades of golden and russet mixed within the green.

Thalictrum isopyroides - spring

Thalictrum isopyroides – early spring

Native from Turkey, Iran, Syria, Afganistan to Altai Mts. where it grows in full sun, on rocky outcrops and stony ledges.

Note on Thalictrum propagation: not too easy to germinate, but if the seeds are fresh, after treatment with GA3, at least a few seedlings can be obtained; afterwards it is not particularly fussy. This species has circulated among the plant collectors for a while as Thalictrum ex. Afganistan, until it was properly identified.

Featured image: Achillea tomentosa var. aurea (Wooly yarrow) – an old plant-pet of ours; pure breed, very loyal…

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      A real gem; last year was its first one :) it should flower this summer (and hopefully made few seeds too).

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