The point of no return…Spring Equinox

Spring air –
woven moon
and plum scent.

We’ve been told that officially today it is the first day of Spring.  I looked outside at the snow flurries dancing in the air and tried to act accordingly. I replaced the plum flowers with the flurries and I substituted the scent with a few potted dwarf irises.

Iris reticulata

Iris reticulata

But more is happening proving that spring is nearby:

New seedlings 2014

The first germinated seedlings are basking under lights

For a few years now I keep my seedlings and other potted plants in our (unheated) garage. What bewildered us in the first year – some plants remaining green and happy till spring (with some careful minimum watering), it has become a common way of going through the winter. My little ‘garage garden’ is no doubt awakening:

All early flowering Arisaema species are swelling:

Arisaema sazensoo

Arisaema sazensoo

And outside, the first snowdrop shyly showed up on the rockery’s sunny face:

The first Snowdrop

The first Snowdrop

Forgive me if I seem too excited about these little signs of spring – it has been a long and hard winter for us, from any angle we may look at it. It may not look like Spring right now but no doubt we reached somehow the point of no return.


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  1. ontheedgegardening
    ontheedgegardening says:

    I embrace your excitement, you don’t need forgiveness! If only we could share that pure pleasure we feel when a seed germinates, that wonder when spring arrives again, I am sure the world would be a better place. Could it be that simple?

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Thank you.The ones flowering now are in pots, kept them in the garage and brought them indoors when they started to grow.I removed most
      of them from my rockery last year (too little space) :(

  2. mrsdaffodil
    mrsdaffodil says:

    Those tender shoots are definitely exciting! Sadly, my Iris reticulata seems to have disappeared in the move (sniff). I will have to plant more in the fall.

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