Twitching and switching

Finally, with some delay, after twitching and switching I am happy to announce that Botanically Inclined has a new base camp. Unfortunately, a free-hosted blog doesn’t suit my future endeavours, but change is good and keeps one motivated.  I am still twitching and not completely ready to shed my old skin, so for a while, until I keep transferring, updating posts and get acclimated, I will switch between my two base camps – often when one needs to climb further, the return to the previous base camp is necessary in order to get adjusted with the altitude :)

I cannot thank enough everyone for reading and finding some inspiration in what I call my ‘scriblings’. Sharing together with you the passion for all things green is what kept me motivated and made it all worth. Your feedback is always much appreciated and please be patient – I am still using the wordpress platform but it’s a new experience and I am not that knowledgeable in computers as I am in plants.

To celebrate the announcement and sweeten the transition I took a break – after all it’s Sunday and we won the hockey gold medals at the Olympics!!! With this new, stimulated energy I started to recount our trekk on the Inca trail from a few years ago:

Flowers of the Incas

Bomarea sanguinea

Bomarea sanguinea

Let’s make a big jump and land in Cusco via Lima. One needs to spend a few days here for altitude acclimation. Needless to say you have to book your trip in advance, and this can be done very well on-line nowadays. There is plenty to do in Cusco, after all you are in the ancient Incan Royal City: bask in the sun in Plaza de Armas, visit the museums, the shops, take pictures or just wander around and see what plant species are growing in the area read more HERE at my new base camp (I’m there – lots of twitching to do).

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  1. mrsdaffodil
    mrsdaffodil says:

    I was not able to log in to WordPress from the new blog, so I could not comment there. The Bomarea sanguinea is beautiful, a little like a Rhododendron, but with very different foliage.

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Thank you for trying! – I still have to set up a few things, that came already done for the free hosted blog (talking about taking things for granted).
      By next week I hope to have a follow up form as well. The Bomarea was really exquisite, as usual the image doesn’t even show it well enough.

  2. 21rouge
    21rouge says:

    I am thinking that spring will be delayed until LH comes out with its overdue 2014 Plant catalogue ;). Any inside info. when this will happen?

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