Unforgettable 2015 – Trillium grandiflorum

Part 2
For May and June I had to do a shortlist to keep it short. Most notable was the finding of unusual forms of green Trilliums, as well as many pink forms. The reddish flower in the pictures is a fading pink form (T. grandiflorum fo. roseum Farwell).

And not just the colour variation was remarkable but also the variation in petals shape and size! A form with particularly narrow, long pointed petals attracted my attention, as did a truly gigantesque white specimen.

A most beautiful form of Hepatica americana with extra petals also made the shortlist:

Hepatica americana -2015

From the cultivated plants: the first flower of Gentiana clusii var. rochelii, seen above in the featured image, and the flowering of the neglected Dactylorhiza alpestris, from my Little plants series.

Dactylorhiza alpestris close up

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Those special Trilliums may found a place in the dreams of many because they grow deep in the woods :) and that’s where they’ll stay. Be ready to see something special shortlisted for August…

  1. Lavandula
    Lavandula says:

    WOW, quel bel Hepatica!!! J’ai tellement hâte au printemps pour revoir mes Hepatica nibilis, picot strain, mes Sanguinaria multiplex, canadensis ainsi que mes Trillum grandiflorum! Vivement le mois de mai…

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Merci Martin! J’ai ete tres heureuse de trouver cette special Hepatica americana l’annee derniere – merveilles de printemps dans le bois!

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