Unforgettable 2015

Part 1

Waiting in line at the grocery store, one is always forced to stare at magazine racks overflowing with the latest gossip. Today, while gazing absently at a title – “Unforgettable persons of the year”…my thoughts jumped to – unforgettable plants and garden moments of the year.
There have been quite a few of them, and I will make a summary over the next weeks.

Seed growing wise, I germinated for the first time Epimediums and Helleborus and was amazed how easy and delightful they are to grow from seeds.

The winter was interminable; by early March on the shady side of the patio pots were still encased in a 10 cm layer of ice. And so were Primula frondosa, Hepatica americana and few others…

Slowly, signs of spring and more buds and flowers started to appear. I gathered most of my seedling production and donated it to the ORGS sale; kind souls took in for babysitting many of the remaining ones while we got ready to sale our place.

May came and Helleborus ‘Cherry Blossom’ flowered; an unforgettable sight every year…

Helleborus 'Cherry Blossom' 2015

Helleborus ‘Cherry Blossom’ 2015

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    I agree with Tina ‘Cherry Blossom’ is really beautiful. I have not tried to grow Epimediums from seed before, you make that sound very possible. I have divided vegetatively, did you save your own seed for this?

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      It was just by chance (and extra time :) that I observed the seeds last year. Most Epimedium are self-incompatible so I was amazed to see the seeds! More than this, you have to be there at the right moment, same as with Corydalis, but it’s worth. The way my seedlings look, some may flower next year.

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