Pulsatilla aurea seeds

Very brief – Pulsatilla aurea

Pulsatilla aurea seeds

Fall is a busy season; not just for planting and seed collecting but also for sowing – many species will germinate best if sown ASAP, including the recalcitrant ones. So, very brief I cannot abstain to post more seeds – of Pulsatilla aurea, straight from their mother-land (Caucasus that is).

And to see the flowers, a virtual ‘alpine tour’ on Panayotis Kelaidis website would be most enjoyable – link here (and more ideas for the wish list ;)

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  1. sueturner31
    sueturner31 says:

    I have a query for you, I have Lathyrus aurea, get loads of seed every year but try as I may I cannot get them to germinate, not even a stray in the garden. Any ideas please ? Sue.

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      It’s not one that I tried and I don’t know what did you tried until now. Some Lathyrus are warm germinators but some are not – which means they need a cold/moist period, plus that is always helpful
      to rub the seed between a sandpaper sheet. You could experiment a bit like this – sand few seeds and place them in a moist towel/Ziploc in the fridge. They should start to swell in a couple of weeks; if not, sand them again and put them back. In most cases they would start to germinate at some point (then repeat with a larger seed batch :)

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