Wildflowers Monday – Little treasures

There are a few little enchanting treasures that someone hiking around Southwestern Ontario or a bit up north, could catch in flower right now. They are not hard to grow from seeds and perfect for those special places in the garden where fairies are gathering to chitchat and relax ;)

Polygala paucifolia – Fringed polygala, gaywings – A charming, dwarf woodland plant with most interesting flowers; read more

Polygala paucifolia

Polygala paucifolia

Viola nephrophylla – Northern bog violet, violete de calcaire – A small, compact, stemless violet that grows in sun to part shade, in wet places: bogs and fens, often in wet depressions in limestone barrens. Big, violet flowers and broadly ovate to kidney-shaped, hairless leaves; sometimes peacefully sharing the place with Primula mistassinica like in the image below; read more

Viola nephrophylla and Primula mistassinica

Viola nephrophylla and Primula mistassinica flowering in an alvar fracture

 None of them are difficult to grow form seeds; here it is my tw0-years old Polygala colony growing in a container with Viola nephrophylla and other little treasures:

Polygala and Viola

Polygala paucifolia (front), Viola nephrophylla, Soldanella….

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    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      I found it hard to believe; I am very flattered…(and hope to find more seeds than last year).

  1. Amy Olmsted
    Amy Olmsted says:

    It’s flowering here now too…right along my road! I cannot get the color right when I try to photograph it…your photo is wonderful! And I will try to collect seed of it this year. When do you usually go to collect the seed so I’ll know when to check.

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      We have to drive about 3 h to collect Polygala; last year we found just a few remnants seeds in late July. Best if you will check on them this year and let me know ;)

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