Delphinium oxysepalum

Watercolour with Delphinium oxysepalum

This is a rarely seen in cultivation larkspur: Delphinium oxysepalum, grown from seed (Seedex), which we have waited to flower so we can positively ID it. It is an endemic perennial Delphinium from W. Carpathian Mts. (Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland), with striking colourful flowers: deep blue with violet paintbrush strokes. On a rainy day it looks just like an exquisite watercolour with the violet shades changing constantly.

Like in other Delphinium species, the beautiful and attractive colored are the sepals, the one at the top with a tube extending backwards (the spur), and housing the nectaries. The spur gives the buds the resemblance to a dolphin (hence the name delphinium). From the four true petals hosted inside, two are appropriately called ‘honey leaves’. Decorated with hairs they play a role in attracting the pollinators. Hope they’ll stop by and we’ll have more seeds!