Where’s the Snow White?

This Scabiosa caucasica (grown from seeds) was supposed to be the Snow White, ie. Scabiosa caucasica ‘Fama White’.


Scabiosa caucasica – best called just ‘Fama’

Because the mother-plant grew close to a ‘Fama Blue’ last year, of course there was a chance of ‘mixed’ off-springs or the reverse to the wild type (I warned everyone). In any case, the bluish to lavender flowers with a silvery overlay are spectacular! A bit late start of flowering because I planted the seedlings very late. However, note that this is a plant started from seeds this year, in late February!

As it happens, the dwarf of the genus, Scabiosa silenifolia, is also flowering, and as well off-time. All these pincushion flowers for the delight of the pollinators!


Scabiosa silenifolia

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